Adolescence counselling and Trauma Focused Therapy

We provide psychological counselling/therapeutic services that specializes in Adolescents and Trauma.

Our Trauma focused Counselling Services uses blend of therapeutic techniques – such as Humanistic Approach, TFCBT, Therapeutic art and mindfulness to improve mental wellbeing, reduce the symptoms and experence healing. 

Empowering Adolescents

Through various programs, we empower teens to grow into a confident and aware Youth:

  1. School Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy
  2. Emotional Awareness and therapeutic Art 
  3. Skill based Trainings 
  4. Stirring Teens Club
  5. Teens’ interaction

Equipping Parents

Parental awareness and engagement in aspect of child’s life is crucial to help them grow into a healthy adulthood, and most importantly to raise a resilient child. 

Our following services are applicable to parents/Caregivers/Teachers/Social workers/Mental Health professionals:

  1. Parental Guidance 
  2. Raising a Resilient Child – 1 day Training
  3. Adolescence Counselling – 6 Days Workshop
  4. Trauma Informed Care – 1 Day Workshop

Building Resilience in young people to thrive in the face of life’s challenges……

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