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School Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy aims to educate school children, specially adolescents on how to prevent the development of behaviors and habits that can lead to mental illness and how to connect them with the right mental health professionals.

In the month of June CRIN was able to provide Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy program among 210 students, of grade 6,7,8 and 9 of 2 Local schools of Lalitpur municipality, Ward No. 13. 

Building a support network of adults, is one of the major theme of CRIN, in order to build resiliency among children and adolescents’ group. 

Parents and Teachers are the most prominent network a child has and plays most important part in helping a child to overcome the challenges and adversaries they face.  CRIN is dedicated to equip Parents and Teachers with the knowledge and Skills to encourage and help children to thrive despite of their challenges.  

36 Parents and Teachers were trained in the month of May/June, 2024.  

Therapeutic Art, is one of the powerful technique to Heal from trauma. Through developing self-awareness and recognizing emotions,  it helps teens to navigate life with ease and stability.

CRIN has been organizing Emotional Awareness and Therapeutic Art program in various occasions during Month of April, 78 teens participated the program with enthusiasm and engagement. 



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