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       To create a Resilient Community of adolescents, by  mitigating the impact of life’s challenges, adversaries and Crisis.   

about crin

Crisis Response Initiatives Nepal (CRIN), established in March 2023 and is registered to GoN as Non-profit making Company with Company and is affiliated to Social Welfare Council. We are aspired to become a trustworthy support network to individuals of the 12 -19 Age group, and build them as an individual who is able to thrive in the face of life's challanges. Adversaries and Crisis.
Crisis, Adversaries and Challanges are life's inevitable event's, an effectively resolved of these events helps one to become a stronger/mature individual and establish resilience. Adolescence period is one of the most healthy onset of an individual and establish resilience. Adolescence period is considered the healthiest period of one's life onset. where they can thrive given the right support and skills. However, when they do not get a good support system from a trusted adult, they become succeptable to the impact of hazards, Trauma and stresses of the immense internal and external pressures of transitional phase of development years.
In country like Nepal, among others Gender Inequality is one of the main obstacle in building mental and emotional resilience among individuals, specially among girls. Therefore, CRIN brings a unique program with the blend of various expertise - Resilience, Mental Health and Gender Equality, with focus on Trauma, Trauma healing and Adolescence years.

OUR Team

board of crin

Chair - Sudip Adhikari
Vice - Ishwori Thapa
President - Barnabas Barailey
Treasurer - Saroj K. Tamang
Founder member - Sujan Sharma
Member - Surakshya Giri
Member - Radhika Lama

Admin/Fin. Assistant

Ms. Sandhya Chettri (Sharma).

Proj. Officer / Counsellor

Ms. Sangita Luhagun holds a Masters in Psychology, and has wide experience in working with children.
She is passionate about adolescents and their mental wellbeing.

Program DIRector

Ms. Bandana Sharma, with 15 years experience in organisational leadership, find her passion in Mental Health in 2015 and has been dedicated to promote mental health in Nepal since then.
She is also a certified counsellor and a therapist.

Building Resilience in young people to thrive in the face of life’s challenges….

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