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Provide emotional and mental healing and restoration of Adolescents through individual/group counselling using blend of therapeutic techniques.

Equipping parents

We built support network for adolescents, by equipping Parents and other adults, with skills to deal with teens in the face of challenges.

strenthening TEENS

Through Awareness sessions and life skills Training, help them to build self-confidence so that they become resilient.

luvina handmade

Provide skilled based opportunity to generate income, through production of handmade accessories and supplies.

VAANY's Story

Vaany, a 14 year old girl suffered a sudden loss of her father and continued to feel her sorrow even after 3 years. A playful normal child who used to sing, play guitar was no more the young girl that she used to be. She had stopped going out, stopped seeing people, stopped going to school, stopped singing and stopped smiling. All she wanted is to be in her bed with the music on. Many assumed that she was turning out to be a problem teen.

When Vaany started counselling with one of our counsellors, she used to hide beside her mask. Only she could express is few words of whispers. It was clear, she was suffering depression associated with her loss of her father, and that she had very low self-esteem, because of the mistreatment she received from her teacher.

Since, Vaany wasn’t very verbal about expressing herself, different approaches were used to let her express her grief and hurt from her teacher. using grief interventions and other techniques – Vanny regained her confidence, received meaning to her loss and able to say goodbye to her father through creating her own song dedicated to her father. Soon, Vanny started going out and had built a close connection with her siblings.

Now after a year, Vanny is a normal school going teenager, who loves to tease sibling and laugh often. She is participating in basketball tournament representing her school and has become an asset for her team.

Crisis Response Initiative Nepal

Building resilience among young people to thrive in the face of life’s challenges.

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